Great news from Laboklin


Barstail Happy Like Angel (Lika), ow.O.Boyarskaya is clear and not carrier: Imerslund-Grasbeck syndrome (IGS) – Genotype N/N Factor 7 deficiency – Genotype N/N Musladin-Lueke syndrome (MLS) – Genotype N/N Neonatal cortical cerebellar abiotrophy (NCCD) – Genotype N/N Osteogenesis ...

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Our H-litter

бигль Barstail Happy Like Angel

Our “Н”-Litter is 1,5 months now. Happy to present puppies officially: Male 1 Barstail Hot As Pepper  (Reserved) Male 2 Barstail Hit The Jackpot (Available) Female Barstail Happy Like Angel  ...

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